Rostrum Valley Mountaineering

Rostrum Valley Mountaineering

Hut based, guided and catered mountaineering in a remote valley of the Western Rocky Mountains north of Golden.

The Rostrum Valley holds a large concentration of high peaks and big glaciers that make it an excellent zone for easily accessed and high-end mountaineering. The newly constructed and cozy Rostrum Cabin located at tree line provides dorm-style accommodation with a full kitchen for up to 10 people. Helicopter access to the hut sets you up for a week of mountaineering ranging from long rock ridges, moderate to steep snow and ice routes, complex glacier travel, ridge scrambles and nearby limestone single and multi pitch rock climbing. Peaks in the area include Icefall Peak, Rostrum Peak, Bush Peak, Alien and Orbit Peaks, Mount Kemmel and the wild Mount Arras.

Location: Rostrum Valley in the Western Rocky Mountains north of Golden, BC.

Dates: 5 to 8 day trips in mid to late July.

Price: Various price options based on access (foot or heli), ratios, # of days and catering options. Contact us for current details.

Ratios: Maximum 3 to 1 guest to guide ratio.

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced.

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