Backcountry Ski Lodges

Backcountry Ski Lodges

Enjoy the comfort of these backcountry lodges with all of your friends and get a taste of BC backcountry skiing at its best with access to sweet ski summits!

Snowfall Lodge, Icefall Lodge and the Alexandra Cabin. These Backcountry Ski Lodges are located in remote, helicopter-accessed zones in the Selkirk Mountains (Snowfall Lodge) and the Rocky Mountains (Icefall Lodge and Alexandra Cabin) of BC. They provide some of the world's best powder and best ski terrain in areas so remote that you and your friends will be the only ones for miles to enjoy the incredible skiing! Snowfall and Icefall Lodges provide comfortable accommodation for fully guided and catered weeks with space for up to 18 guests, while the smaller and cozier Alexandra Cabin has space for up to 8 guests. All of them give access to long runs with amazing tree skiing and huge alpine terrain, including many skiable summits surrounded by big glaciers.

And if you're looking for a unique Canadian mountain adventure on skis then ask about the amazing Icefall Traverse that takes you over massive glaciers and huge peaks in the Rocky Mountains on a hut-to-hut ski traverse of a lifetime!

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  • Snowfall Lodge in the Selkirk Mountains south of Revelstoke, BC.
  • Icefall Lodge in the Rocky Mountains north of Golden, BC.
  • Alexandra Cabin in the Rocky Mountains north of Golden, BC.

Dates: 8 day trips from December to April

Price: Contact us for current details.

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